Her Journey Support Community 


A safe community designed for women of all ages and backgrounds, from athletes to executives to housewives, who are currently facing obstacles to enjoying a healthy life of contentment, success, and well-being due to past adverse life experiences.



Tired of Feeling  Discouraged?


If you have experienced adverse and traumatic life events and you are now struggling with regulating your emotions or feeling numb and detached, having trouble developing or maintaining key relationships, having a low self-image, or missing a sense of purpose and meaning, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 

Her Journey Support Community is here to help you: 

  • Learn to live in the present moment and become truly alive and connected 
  • Rebuild your sense of self and help you remember or discover who you really are 
  • Learn emotional self-regulation skills
  • Rebuild your sense of trust, safety, and control
  • Create individual routines and master practices to optimize your mind, body, and soul 
  • Find meaning in your personal story 
  • Practice discovering your courage and face your fears in a supportive, safe community 
  • Increase your resilience and experience posttraumatic growth 



It's Time To Start Your Journey

With my guidance and inner circle community support, you've found a safe place to dig deep, heal, and nurture your inner self.


Her Journey Support Community 


Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. 

Let's take small, safe steps to make you feel comfortable in your own skin again, to know how to trust and love again, to knock down the walls of isolation you built over time and set you free.

You don't have to hold it all together by yourself. It’s time to connect and nurture yourself like never before.

With your membership, you gain access to the following:


These short 10-15 mins videos delivered by Dr. Denisa will address a variety of topics, skills, and practices to help you and guide you on your journey to a life worth living. You can access these at any time in your library. 


These are 60-90 minutes long live/online sessions with a group facilitator.  These groups are designed to provide social support and community. Groups will be offered at different times and days. Each group will have a maximum of 12 participants. 


Learn how to connect with others, and share your wins, hardships, and challenges with other amazing women in a safe online environment (we use our own platform, no social media)


Stay updated on what is happening within our community, the announcements of the mini-masterclasses, workshops, and other helpful resources. 



Let's measure and celebrate your progress on the journey to help you reach specific milestones in your transformation. 


Your library allows you to have an access to the best and proven guided meditation practices, body works, and breathwork.

I'M Dr. Denisa Millette.

As a psychologist and a trauma professional with over twenty years of clinical experience, I believe that trauma is not a disorder but an injury we can all recover from to live an amazing life regardless of past experiences. I believe in you because I have had the privilege to witness much healing, restoration, recovery, rise in resilience, and posttraumatic growth in clients with the most adverse and traumatic life events.

However, healing is a process and a journey. It requires consistency and persistence. It requires the choice of growing pains as opposed to the pain of where you are right now. 

Her Journey support community has been designed for women of all ages and backgrounds, from athletes to executives and housewives, who are currently facing obstacles to enjoying a healthy life of contentment, success, and well-being due to past adverse life experiences.

Please accept my invitation to join me on a very special and personal journey of healing and recovery. The time is now.

"Even virtually, Dr. Denisa created a safe space to challenge old and unhelpful mental models. Dr. Denisa's deep insights into the neuroscientific framework for trauma fostered a tremendous sense of self-awareness and personal empowerment and responsibility. I never did this work before and this experience has been incredibly positive, enabling me to move forward; I believe I am better equipped to really start to thrive on this journey of development and finding meaning and purpose in my experiences of trauma." Amy W.

"Even though every single one of us have different stories to share, the space created within this community is one of acceptance, support, and trust. The different modalities and tools  helped me identify where I was on my own journey to recovery and how I could move forward to become the best version of myself." Lydia B.




Limited Time ONLY!


Value $468/year

  • Bi-weekly online support groups
  • Private community forum
  • Progress Assessments
  • Digital library resources (meditations and mind-body practices)
  • Mini-master classes with Dr. Denisa
  • Monthly email newsletters 
  • and more!